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Sample Questions

What did you seek help about?

While it is our goal to create wholeness to the point that you are happy to talk about what it is you came in for, we also understand that sometimes that process takes time with certain things, so if you aren't ready to answer this question please just skip it. If you are willing to answer, it will help others who are facing a similar problem to know that they are not alone and that there really is help for them.

How difficult was the process?

Was there any difficulty in understanding the process or was it clearly explained and easy?

How many sessions did it take to resolve?

While it is always our aim to resolve every issue in just one session we also understand that different techniques work better for some people than for others, so we don't always get the best match up the first time. Please let people know how many sessions where needed in your case.

Have you noticed a marked difference since working with Darrell &/or Meredith?

Please let people know what differences you have seen since the session (if you answered the 1st question) or just let them know that you have seen a very noticable difference since working with us. Also, feel free to let people know which of us you worked with, if you like.

Would you recommend others work with Darrell &/or Meredith?

Based on your overall experience would you recommend others work with us? (While we understand that you wouldn't be making a testimonial unless the answer is yes, some people need to be told the obvious.)

What stood out to you the most about the process or the result?

Some examples: how quick the process was; how easy it was; just how much change could be made in such a short time; etc.

Is there anything else you think people should know about working with us?

Or any recommendations you have for people thinking about working with us.

How to create your testimonial and send it to us

If you are willing to make a video testimonial that is by far the best, as it helps people to see that we are working with real people as it's not something that's easy to fake like so many sites do. To make a video there are plenty of free services to choose from such as Zoom (we can even meet and do a quick interview if you like), Loom.com, Wave.video, and others. Most can use your phone or a webcam connected to your computer.

There is no need to edit the video to make it look better. We will take your answers and edit it to show the question before each segment and cut out anything that is clearly not intended as part of your testimonial. We do ask that you remember to pause for a moment at the beginning and end of each answer to make it easier to cut. Also, if there is a mistake that you want to start over for a question, then just let us know and also give a pause so we can cut it easily.

To send us your video you can typically send it via Facebook Messenger and we can download it from there, or you can save it in dropbox, OneDrive, etc, and send us a link to download it. The second option typically works best for larger files.

If you aren't doing a video testimonial, then please just send us a message via Facebook messenger, text, or email and we will do our best to use a screen shot to add it to our testimonial page.

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