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Thank you for trusting us to work with you.

By donating you help us continue our work to help others. While a donation is not required, we certainly do appreciate those of you who have chosen to help us in helping others.

Most NLP Practitioners charge about $250 for a session like this, and now that you've experienced it, I'm sure you agree that it's worth every penny, if not more.

And while we could also charge up front for our sessions we have been led to follow a different path. We will work with as many people as we have time to help, so long as they are willing to show that they are At Cause for making the changes in their life.

All we ask is that you follow a simple 2 step process before deciding what to do going forward:

Step 1: Pray

Simply take a moment to thank God for leading you to us and ask Him what He would have you to give. His answer will usually come as a quiet, inner voice, or as a simple knowing of what to do.

Step 2: Obey

Yes, it really is that simple. Once you have His direction just trust Him and obey whatever it is He tells you to do.

Important Note: The $10 listed in the form is the minimum we can accept via the site as it wouldn't be practical to accept less with merchant fees, and there is no limit on the amount you can give.

Whether you give or not, please leave us a quick testimonial video or message at [email protected], or you can send us a testimonial via Facebook Messenger.

Thank You for your time and donation.

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