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Services and Courses Available from YALN, LLC

At Your Abundant Life Now, we offer a variety of therapeutic and motivational services for your benefit.

Pages for each program will be available soon. Until then, please email us at [email protected] to ask about any of our programs.


Limitless Mind Renewal

It's like a Day at the Spa for your mind

With this program you will spend about 4 hours with one of our Master Practitioners who will help you to untie the mental knots that have come up from all the stresses of life.

Breakthrough Session

Like a total reset and reboot on your mind in one of 6 areas of life.

This in-depth 8 hour session goes to the root of the problems in one are of life and makes you into the best possible version of yourself in that area.

The 6 areas are:



Health and Fitness

Personal Development

Partner Relationships (Personal, business, ministry)

Support Relationships (Family, friends, coaches, employees, etc.)

New Behavior Generator

90 minute session designed to address up to 3 behaviors that are not serving you. You have the option of converting bad behaviors into good ones, or creating new, healthy behaviors altogether in any combination.

While this won't always address the root cause of the problem, for many people changing the behavior is all that's needed. And it's certainly our most affordable option for working with one of our Master Practitioners.

Coaching - Business, Relationships, and more

We have packages ranging from the most basic which includes coaching calls every 2 weeks to our Diamond Package which includes 6 of our Breakthrough Sessions and weekly calls to ensure that you have the absolute best year possible.

Marriage/Family Restoration

Divorce Prevention

All relationships have problems. And when the problems get bad enough that you are thinking about throwing in the towel, it's time to get outside help.


The only free service we offer is deliverance. Jesus said "Freely you have received. Freely give."

We do accept donations from those who wish to support this portion of our work, but no money is required to receive help.

As Derek Prince often says, "Deliverance is for the desperate."

By this we mean that you must be desperate to be free, so that you are in the right state of mind to prepare yourself for deliverance.

Jesus also said that deliverance is "the children's bread" which means it is only for those in covenant with him.

If you are not saved, then that is the first step in preparing to be delivered.


Negative Belief Elimination System

In this e-course, learn how to identify and remove the negative beliefs that have kept you from achieving your goals. As simple as this course is, it has the power to change your life forever.

Magnetic Goals System

Formerly marketed as our Automatic Outcome Generator (New photos coming soon).

This program is all about how to create goals the right way and then program your mind to keep you on track automatically.

Success System

Combine the power of 2 of our most powerful systems into one package and truly see your success skyrocket.

Basic E-Course Subscription

Full access to all of our basic e-courses, current and future.

(Does not include premium courses listed separately)

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all of our basic e-courses, current and future.

(Same courses as the monthly subscription for a one-time fee.)

Other Services

Below is a list of services offered through our 3rd party partners

Build Business Credit

with Credit Suite

Connect with our partners at Credit Suite to build your business credit seperate from your personal credit.

They also have many funding options for those who already have good personal credit and need money for a startup or just to expand your existing business.

Future Plans

Many more programs will be added in the future.

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