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We Change Lives!

Whose lives do we change?

The broken hearted, the abused, those dealing with personal demons (figurative and literal), and anyone who needs help and is willing to be At Cause for making a change in their life. So, basically, people like you.

We have many tools we can use to help, no matter the details of your specific problem. Yes, you read that right. It doesn't matter what the problem is we have a solution, either mental or spiritual, to deal with it.

What are some of the things we deal with?

Marriage Restoration, Anxiety, Nail biting, PTSD, Addictive behavior, Constant overthinking, Trauma, Abuse, Procrastination, Excessive Negative Emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, etc.)

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: We help you to figure out how to automate and delegate most of the tasks in your business, so you are free to focus on the things that grow your business, while still leaving you plenty of time for yourself and your family. We help you create a specific and simple Action Plan that is easy to follow, and track. And we offer ongoing business coaching to ensure you remain focused on achieving your goals.

Your Abundant Life Now Services

Level Up Your Business

Have you reached the highest level you can on your own?

We specialize in getting business owners unstuck from your current limitations and leveled up into a much greater level of freedom for both time and money. We make sure that you are fully prepared to take the next steps to grow your business rapidly while giving yourself more time freedom.

Click Here to set up a call to go over all the details and get you started on the path to your next great expansion.

  • On a budget, but you have a bad habit that you would like to remove, or maybe you just want to add a good habit, then our AUR™ Recordings are what you're looking for.

    (Coming Soon)

    1-on-1 Session

    Feeling Stuck?

    Have something that you haven't been able to fix no matter what you try?

    We can help you.

    Unlike with the Pre-Recorded Sessions we have available, which deal with only the behavior itself, a live 1-on-1 session (via zoom or in our office) allows us to get to the root of the problem and fix the root cause of the behavior, which often resolves other issues that seem to be unrelated.

    Click Here to apply so we can get to know each other and determine if this process is a good fit for you.

    Business Credit Building

    Through our partners at Credit Suite, you can build business credit in a fraction of the time that most companies are able to. This is separate from your personal credit, so your current credit score does not matter. 

    Those with good credit may also be able to qualify for the $100k+ lines of credit program as well. These do use your existing credit, and require a personal guarantee, but typically do not report to your personal credit report, so the impact is minimal. 

    Click Here for more about the programs offered. 

    ID Theft and Legal Protection

    Every family, and especially every business owner, needs legal advice or a quick letter sent from an attorney to address a small problem quickly from time to time. And we all need to make sure we have a Will and estate planning done so that when we pass on we don't leave a mess for our loved ones to deal with at a time when they are already grieving.

    And with ID Shield you have a team of people to work to resolve any issues with ID Theft of any kind, not just financial, like most companies.

    Find out more at this link.

    Groove.cm GrooveFunnels

    Looking for a system to host your website, sales funnel, videos, courses, webinars, send bulk and automated emails, and much, much more? Then check out Groove via our affiliate link below, and sign up for a free account which gives you access to host 1 custom domain for free, for life. And for those who need more you can upgrade to the Starter or Pro accounts for unlimited sites (Starter plan limited to 5) and other additional features. Learn more about the free plan and get started today.

    Our Mission

    Using our exclusive blend of NLP, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching, and Deliverance we help pastors of small, local churches to break down every stronghold of the enemy in your life and show you how to do the same for your congregation. And for those who need it, we can even work with you to create a part-time income that is more than enough to cover the costs of the ministry and your personal expenses, so you can focus on the teaching of the Word and ministering as the Holy Spirit leads you instead of having to be concerned about working a full-time job and then still needing to appease the congregation, so they keep giving.

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