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Feeling like this?

Maybe it's time to...



Free Your Mind

with a Mental Detox session

Like a day at the spa, our Mental Detox session will allow you to remove much of the stress of life.

Unlike a day at the spa, the effects last for the rest of your life, and each session allows you to remove another layer of the things that cause stress, bringing you more freedom from the stresses of your past, present, and future with each session.

From your very first session, you will begin to see a shift in how you deal with stressful events and you will realize that you have options that you never knew were possible.

How should I prepare?

Because we work through Zoom you will need to make sure that you have a good microphone and speakers or a comfortable headset you can use.

You will want to set up somewhere that you won't be disturbed for a few hours as the session can take up to 4 hours total, especially the first time. Make sure your phone's ringer is off, along with other alarms, and distractions.

Plan to spend a little time after the session to take a short nap to help your mind integrate the major shifts that are sure to take place.

Be prepared to talk openly about what has been causing you stress. While we don't need details of any specific events, it helps your mind to group all the stressors together if you are fully open about what has been going on in your life.